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Welcome to MeraDriver Pvt Ltd, a driver-focused company based in New Delhi. We take immense pride in being the first company entirely devoted to enhancing the lifestyle of drivers in Delhi through better job opportunities and continuous skill enhancement. Our platform serves as a bridge, providing drivers in Delhi with larger and wider job opportunities, connecting them with the market actively seeking their services.

Mera Driver has been actively engaged with the driver community in Delhi since August 2011, and we formally incorporated Mera Driver Pvt Ltd in February 2016. As your go-to destination for driver jobs, we specifically focus on catering to the needs of drivers in Delhi, offering a comprehensive range of opportunities, including truck driving jobs tailored to the specific requirements of the transportation industry.

Ever since its incorporation, MeraDriver Pvt Ltd has tirelessly worked on creating an ecosystem that not only offers better job opportunities for drivers in Delhi but also ensures complete peace of mind for our customers seeking driver services. If you are a driver in search of suitable opportunities or a customer in need of reliable driver services, MeraDriver Pvt Ltd is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


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Full-time drivers

Are you stressing to find an infallible and permanent driver? No need to worry! Mera Driver is specialized in hiring drivers who are skilled. We will make the tedious hiring process easy for you.


Part-time drivers

Use our platform to hire part-time drivers. Enjoy the convenience of hiring drivers according to your schedule, guaranteeing a dependable and effective mode of transportation.


Contractual drivers

Learn about the flexibility that comes with hiring contract drivers. Whether you want short-term help for a specific project or long-term services, we pair you with skilled drivers based on your contract requirements.


Outstation drivers

Start your worry-free outstation journey by using our platform to find qualified drivers in your area. Learn how simple it is to hire drivers for your out-of-town vacations, guaranteeing a relaxing and safe experience.


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Mera Driver's provision of contractual drivers surpassed my expectations. They provide excellent service, sending out competent drivers on schedule. They've been hassle-free, and I heartily endorse them to anybody looking for reliable driver solutions.


With Mera Driver's constant driver service, I am really happy. They provided a pool of exceptionally skilled and devoted drivers after taking the time to comprehend our particular needs. My first pick for all our permanent driver needs is them because of their professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction


When we needed a temporary driver, Mera Driver saved the day. We were always guaranteed professional drivers in the event that our regular staff was not available thanks to their timely and effective service. Our activities run well since the drivers met or surpassed our standards in quality.


I am really happy with Mera Driver's out-of-town driver service. Their staff made sure everything went smoothly and dependably, sending skilled drivers for our lengthy trips. Our travels were relaxing and stress-free since the drivers were on time, polite, and experienced.


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if it's a sunny day or a dark night

and whether you're on a long road or a solo trip.

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